I had scheduled something more offensive, (which will now be shown next week), but in honor of Halloween, I decided to insert this costume sketch.

I was having breakfast with one of my nephews, several weeks ago. I was more bored than he was, so I grabbed the crayons and doodled a “hot bat-chick” for him to color.  It’s a nice restaurant with good food, but the kids’ activity place mats are blank pieces of paper.

Nephew declared that the drawing was his mom dressed as “Batman.”  I said that it was more likely she would dress as Bat Girl (before The Joker put a bullet in her spine), and colored “Bat Chick” pink.  He then asked me to draw him dressed as Batman.  Then his infant sister, “Bat Baby”… and as long as we were at it, his dad could be Batman.

Some of this was to practice a new art style for me, which will be properly debuting in a new strip I’m currently scheduling for mid November.

In comic book retail, “Batman Family”  refers to the 5 or 6 comic book titles published monthly which feature Batman (Detective Comics, Batman, Batman Adventures, Shadow of the Bat, Catwoman, etc.).  In fandom, “Batman Family” refers to the collection of unpowered super heroes which reside in and around Gotham City (Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Bat Girl/Oracle, Batwoman, Huntress, Catwoman, etc.).

This drawing is called “Batman Family” because it’s a family dressed like “Batman.”