Nearly twenty-seven years ago I drew this map. It was the setting of a role playing adventure I had planned called The Quest for the Swords. That adventure became the only D&D module I have written that I have run twice, and the world on which it was set became the world I used for all the adventures I ran since. It’s the world where Lisa lives.

Three years ago, I took the National Novel Writing Month as a personal challenge – write a fifty-thousand word story in thirty days. The Cookie Caper was the result. That fifty-four-thousand word first draft took me thirty-five days to write (5 November to 10 December 2012).

This year, I’m going to try again. ‘Cookie Caper’s story was over ten years old. This year, I am picking a story that is older, not nearly as political, but I’m pretty sure I can bang it out in thirty days.

It requires typing nearly two thousand words per day. I have to dance around copyrights, because it was originally told in oral tradition with no care for the ownership of intellectual property. It’s got all the good stuff: magic, mobsters, fencing, fighting, ravenous beasts, beautiful women, pirates, and pagan gods, and it all started with two guys being hired to carry a crate. It’s not The Quest for the Swords (of Power), it’s [Probably Going to Get a New Title].