If you think this week’s comic is offensive, or in poor taste, remember you did come to PowerTwinsComics.com, which is an anagram for “offensive,”  if you added two Fs, and a V… and took out a P, T, O, W, M, C, S, I, and another W… and swapped an I for another E.

The prostitute in this comic is intended to be a former child pageant contestant in her late twenties but trying to make herself out to be younger.

I’m not going to go into a rant about parenting and values, and questionable practices around toddler pageants. Except to say that, if you’re forcing your child into this sort of overexposure, you might be preparing her for considerably less glamorous work later on.  I was going to embed a clip from YouTube to display the offensive line and explain the joke, but I just couldn’t stomach to have it on our site.  Type “dolla make me holla” into Google, you might just shake your head, too.  Consider this cartoon cautionary if you feel strongly about the subject.

We’re presenting the comic mostly to evoke a giggle from people similarly tired of this subject… and maybe a little bit of social consideration.