I felt a little bad about digging out old work to get another buffer of updates scheduled, until I remembered that almost no one has seen this, despite its almost success.

I’ve been somewhat vocal that I was an avid player of “City of Heroes / City of Villains.”  I still play occasionally, but not nearly as much as when we were actively promoting the game.  While I was still leveling up my second “epic” level character, NC Soft held a comic creator contest.  The rules were that it had to be 4 to 9 pages (plus cover), the artwork had to be taken from in game screen shots (minor photoshopping allowed), and not violate anyone’s copyright.  The prizes included about a thousand dollars in software, gameplay subscriptions, and a nice video card.

Figuring I might have a shot at winning such a contest (or at least getting some exposure), I wrote a “short” nine page story, got some friends together to coordinate costumes and plan a shooting script, and took a lot of screen shots.

The result was Les Professionnels issue 1: “One for the Monet.”

The title is an exploitation play on French spelling, and tribute to one of my favorite films, by one of my favorite screenwriters.

I always wanted to do more with these characters, so here we are launching it as a PTC title.  Please enjoy our not quite winning entry over the next few weeks.

This week’s update is the cover.  For the record, I went intentionally “minimalist” on the design of the cover, and when I saw other entries, regretted it.