While heroes had no cell phone emote, villains like Dark Mantle, shown here, didn’t even have the police radio.  Instead, Dark Mantle is actually holding a flashlight. Carefully chosen camera angles, and taking a static shot of the back ground without him in it to composite over part of it, makes it appear that he’s using a cell phone.

Incidentally, the poor “civilian” woman ‘Mantle is terrorizing is actually a piece of scenery.  She just stands there, scared and trembling, by the exit to the Arachnos (bad guys) heliport in Mercy Island (villain starting area).   ‘Mantle’s thugs are actually summoned by the villain I was “driving” and using as the cameraman.

What I’m getting at is that machinima is actually quite a bit of work, lining up the right elements and positioning them for the story effect.