First, never get involved in a land war in Asia.  Second, never trust anything called a “venti.”

This was actually a tough scene to shoot.  Partially, because all the human people involved are actually driving characters which appear on screen… so I didn’t have a “cameraman” character.  But also because the scene takes place in the busiest zone in City of Heroes, the bar.  The Pros attracted a lot of attention, and so people would run up to look and just get in the way.

The bar is a staple of most fantasy adventure (thusfar, Lisa has been set exclusively in one).  COH didn’t get a bar until COV’s launch, and then it was mostly a place where Heroes and Villains could look at each other, because combat powers didn’t work there.  It became a place where roleplayers would hang out and act out scenes composed entirely of player characters.  What always struck me watching the RP chatter was how many of those scenes were dark brooding types basically telling each other to leave them alone.

Speaking of “leave me be,” I’ve talked a little about the spam we get here.  I just dumped the latest batch of spam comments, and one had me laughing.  It complained that my blog posts are “too short,” and I should lengthen them.

I almost thought it was from my Mother, but she doesn’t run a website for Luis Vittan(SIC) purses.