Eh, it worked on page 3, so villains have cellphones made from photoshoped flashlights.

And in this comic villains can die.

And they can do it by falling.

I should explain. Not only were the regular mechanics of death in City of Heroes so light that they could be pretty safely ignored, you didn’t even get that trip to the hospital from falling.  You took damage, sure.  But, no matter how high the fall, or how weak the character, you always had at least one health point left after you hit the ground. It was, of course, a necessary part of the world.

It’s a well known super scientific principle, that in order to be a super hero, a person must find the tallest building in the city; climb to the top; and jump off.  If you survive without a trip to the hospital, you’re fit to be a super hero—partially because you’re invulnerable (or can fly), but mostly because you’re insane.

Base jumpers are just insane, but it does look like fun.