The great special effects battle of the movie is a fight between two (often) secondary characters who could just obliterate everyone else. Gandalf v. Saruman, Merlin v. Morgana, Fin Raziel v. Bavmorda, Harry v. Voldemort; wizards duke it out in the most expensive parts of the film. Fire, explosions, and flowing rivers of multicolored lightning strike out through the air burning down sets, and causing great consternation and obvious physical effort, despite an apparent lack of movement.

In games, though, wizards are soft and squishy. When two wizards duel there usually isn’t a great back and forth lobbing of eldritch plasma as the two wear each other down. There is usually one, slightly more powerful, wizard casting a single spell, just twice as strong enough to kill the other. If he didn’t manage to get the spell off, the battle then ends when the weaker wizard retaliates with a spell 185% as powerful as needed to kill the stronger wizard.

Occasionally, though, the two wizards will also be protected from magic enough to not die from that first spell. Then it becomes a little bit like jet fighter combat, “whoever makes the fewest fatal mistakes, wins.” Widrob has won two Wizard Duels to this sort of self inflicted attrition. The first was a fireball cast by another wizard who failed to calculate the volume of the room correctly, and engulfed himself in flame. The other was a nice little spell called “chain lightning.” This spell strikes a target of the caster’s choosing, then leaps to the next closest living thing, doing slightly less damage, and the next, and then next, etc. Most wizards who have this spell have, at one time or another, taken the second hit, because of miscounted range… That second hit, can be fatal.