Widrob the Friendly.

No, really, that’s his name.

At first level, he only had one spell.  “Friends.”  He survived a few rather bloody adventures solely by his wits, and his ability to convince his newly enchanted friends to not murder him.

One such adventure was “The Quest for the Fire Gem.”  After months of questing and carving their way through a massive temple dungeon, the party managed to recover one half of the Fire Gem.  The strongest fighter carried it, until he was overwhelmed by two score undead bitey beasts.  Naturally, when we couldn’t resurrect him, the half of the Fire Gem was passed to the cleric.

When he was crushed to death under a ceiling block trap, it went to the rogue.  Naga venom, and the half of the Fire Gem went to the other fighter.  Ironically, he was burned to death by a fireball spell in tight quarters, which also slew the mage who’d cast it.  Surviving by being simply too far away, Widrob took possession of the recovered half of the Fire Gem, and his second destructive spell… fireball.

As with all carriers of half of the Fire Gem, Widrob, too, was slain in a dismembering way.  Though in his case, it was decades later, when, being the only player character standing, and out of spells, he blew himself to bits with his last one, rather than be turned into goblin chow.  Ironically, he convinced the goblins that he just wanted to say a prayer before dying… most of them were killed in the blast.

And so the recovered half of the Fire Gem was lost again… for two hundred years, until a group of enterprising villagers needed some epic heroes.

They used super powerful resurrection magic to bring back long dead “epic” heroes of old (read the group’s favorite characters).  It was a tremendous group, several of whom had never met, having been in different games.  The way cross game resurrections tend to work is the DM just hands you back your character sheet and you’re restored to life exactly as the character was when s/he died.

The new, epic party included 3 people who had been slain with half of the Fire Gem in their possession.

Yes, we did try to finally put the Fire Gem back together, only to have it ruled that we did all have the same half, and it could not be fitted to itself.