So I’m riding along near Blackwater.  Trece Anos had been swarming toward town, and it seemed like a place to thin the herd.

Sure enough, I get close to the edge of town, and the pops of gunfire echo out cracking the still air of the plains.  I sit up on a hill behind cover, and watch for a bit.  I’m using a glassy telescope strapped to a rifle to get a good look at the Anoses.  Seems they were playing some kind of dominance game, capturing and holding rooftops and alleyways against each other.

It’s pretty evident that the best way to thin them out is to let them do it to each other.  Maybe tip balances here and there.

There’s a couple of them working together on a roof and holding their own pretty well.  I figure that’s a good place to shake ’em up some.  One in charge, I put the cross hair on the brim of his hat, and give him a new nostril.

His two buddies start looking for me.  They don’t see me, so I give them a hint.  I don’t kill the second one, figure a wound would be better for the fuck up factor.  The bullet goes through his boot and he goes down on his knee, but he sees the flash this time.

“He’s on that hill.”  He screams.  Less interested in the ankle he’s missing than revenge.  Typical Trece Anos.

“What?!” the other shouts at him, “that’s 286 yards away!  Sniper!  Sniper!”

I put the scoped rifle down, and shout back, “that all?!  Sniper, hell, let’s try it with iron sights!”  I pick up my Springfield and line up on him.

He goes down while bleeding boot drags himself to a hidey hole.  Kinda too bad another guy was already in it with one ‘a Sam Colt’s equalizers.

Mayhem made, I climb back on my horse and ride off before “capture the roof” becomes “king of that rock the kid with the rifle’s behind.”