It’s San Diego Comic Con International Time!

Come visit us at the NEC booth and get a deformed Tick head or some pontification about why asking a writer for a sketch of something totally unrelated to the genre he writes in is detrimental to his ego. Granted I will do it, often just so there’s some hideous drawing of a whacked squirrel or something in between 2 fantastic drawings from legitimate and talented artists. Sketch book defacing is my favorite Con activity!

Better yet come by, buy something, or lots of somethings, and then hangout and leer, ogle, or simply admire the occasional hawtie that passes the booth. We are on a main road so we get plenty of traffic!

The yummy “Number 6” from Battlestar Galactica:


The cosplay is usually pretty decent also:

Hand Crush

Another of my favorites from last year: This place is always crawling with storm troopers!