New for 2019:

The Case of the North Station Mummy

A modern fantasy novella by D. Clarence Snyder (Not part of The Bright Future)

Ned Crystie is a normal police officer in every way, if you don’t count the set of wings he keeps hidden under his uniform.

When Officer Crystie and his partner respond to a call about a dead body on the train tracks by “The Garden,” they thought it would be a routine call. After all, there is nothing unusual about a dead body lying next to train tracks in Boston. Except the body turns out to be a thousand year old mummy; it appeared out of nowhere; and the person who discovered it is covered in faerie magic.

Officer Crystie suspects a larger truth about faeries in the human world, but investigating risks exposing the secret he has kept since he was exiled from Faerieland two thousand winters ago.

Full Length Novels

The Cookie Caper (The Bright Future book 1)

The first novel in The Bright Future by D. Clarence Snyder

The Cookie CaperIn 2013, Nabisco’s Oreo generated over two billion dollars in revenue worldwide. In the decades since, its fortunes have only grown larger. Low carb, gluten free, and pure organic diet trends did nothing to slow the frosting sandwich juggernaut.

That was until a scientist baker, working in a secret lab, developed a recipe that threatens to take Oreo’s crown – a cookie so valuable that when the baker is murdered, nation-status corporations risk war to find and recover the prototype batch.  A shape-shifting mercenary races against a corporate police officer forced by internal politics to be more interested in locating the cookies than investigating the murder of a citizen employee.

Free of the legal restrictions once imposed by weakened traditional governments, corporate states redraw maps and enforce their own law to claim the four billion dollar prize in a story of corporate power, personal identity, and moral flexibility.

The Incubus Gambit (The Bright Future book 2)

Killer new firewall protects data from hackers!

The all natural diet corporations don’t want you to know about!

She turned her cell phone off; the reason why is shocking!

108,903 words you need to read. #98,641 is insane!

Not everyone was delighted by the advent of synthetic body parts. Some people protested the new technology, some fled “The Altered State” to form Naturalist colonies, and others took more direct actions.

Hackers have turned up dead all over the city. When a friend goes missing, one hacker hires Canbe to discover what happened. The shape-shifting freelance mercenary discovers more about the people in her life than she ever wanted to know as she takes on her most difficult infiltration yet—living in a cult dedicated to reducing the use of synthetic parts by murdering people who have them.

Short Stories / Novellas

The Armor Heist

TheArmorHeist.webSet before the events of The Cookie Caper, Canbe partners with a sniper and a smuggler to rob Parcel Service.  As if the plan wasn’t risky enough, Parcel Service has used its power as a nation-status corporation to ensure that the mail must flow – through Parcel Service. Every truck is armored, and every package is defended. The trio of freelancers plot to hit an armored car – with another armored car.

McGoohan’s Changing Heart

TinMan CoverSergeant McGoohan wasn’t always a corporate police officer protecting the baked goods and other interests of a nation-status corporation. Kraft Security Services’ sarcastic top-cop was once a police officer for the city’s elite Corporate Affairs Division.

McGoohan spent decades climbing to the top of his career. Pressing his face to the glass ceiling, McGoohan trains a younger officer to replace him, so he can enjoy an eventual retirement.

Until one stray bullet changes everything.

Butcher’s Cleanup Service

Butcher's Cleanup ServiceSpies and corruption have always been problems for governments and corporations. When corporations became sovereign nations, those problems did not go away.

One of Senator Saul’s employees stole the most valuable prototype in the history of a nation-status corporation. A decade’s worth of questions follow. Saul can explain why he sponsored the thief’s citizenship, but no Senator wants to explain a captured spy’s role in election fraud.

Butcher specializes in only one thing, which happens to be exactly what a corrupt Senator needs to avoid explaining what his former employee might reveal.

Khutlun’s Response Ability

Khutulun's Response AbilityFor Khutulun, the advertisement sounded like a straightforward theft. Secure a box, deliver it to an office, and collect a million dollars. The only stipulation was that it be hand delivered. Gates City is a dangerous place to be in possession of anything stolen from The Microsoft Nation-Status Corporation.

By itself, anything that was worth a million dollars to a competitor was sure to draw the attention of Microsoft’s entire police force. The console had already been stolen and recovered once. Adding a traitor, a corrupt Senator, and a murder, Khutulun’s synthetic legs were about to carry her into a whole new kind of challenge.