The Power Twins
Meet the Power Twins!

Kid and Spike Power are the comic creations and alter-egos of David (D. Clarence) Snyder and Marc Silvia. They originally started out as doodles in our high school chemistry notebook, as a game of “one-up-manship.”  The notebook was handed back and forth between our two desks.  We would each draw a single panel, responding to the one drawn before it. The story and art of this venerable tome was, as a result, very twisted, and nonsensical.  Later, the single panel twists were expanded into full and even multi-page story arcs. Each of us would draw pages in response to the other’s machinations against our alter-ego.

That is what the “Original Power Twins” were all about.  A single comic on which we both worked to just sort of doodle.  As such, it quickly spring boarded the ‘Twins way into oblivion.  Over the years, we collaborated on a number of comic book projects, most notably a little comic book called The Tick.  The ‘Twins languished in the margins and scrap pages of nearly every comic project on which we have worked.

In 2005, The Power Twins made their public debut in the original version of this website.  We considered, at that time, that The Power Twins was a comic title, but that Power Twins Comics would also be our comic “brand.”  That’s why there was a hyphen in the original URL.  Power Twins Comics is not just a single title web comic by one guy with a pencil, a scanner and a student copy of Photoshop™.  PTC is the publishing and creative house for a couple of guys who like to write, draw comics, and paid full price for their copies of Photoshop™.

To that end you’ll see more than one title, and you’ll see more than one by line.  We also like to talk, so you’ll see more than one blog… if it’s long, we’ll try to shuffle that entry into a section for essays.  You’ll see movie reviews and complaints about bad tech in TV shows.  You might even see a short film or two.  Some will be serious, some will be our attempts at humor, and some will be stick figure scribbles drawn with our “off” hands rushed out to meet a deadline.

Power Twins Comics is culmination of the evolution of two massively powerful, reality altering doodles into the ongoing battle between pretty good and pretty bad.


or spike will eat your head.