David started life as an infant, much like anyone normal would. At the age of six, strongly influenced by Star Wars, he created his first comic book. After George Lucas personally rejected David’s masterwork, The Day The Droids Rebelled and Killed Everyone, Covering the World In So Much Blood It Flooded the First Four and a Half Floors of the Empire State Building, David resigned himself to more normal paths, like learning to read.

After years of struggling with reading and writing, David decided that there were far fewer words in comic books. He wouldn’t let Mr. Lucas’s shortsightedness stop him. David would create comics. Years of patently awful books followed, including such classically bad titles as Techtron (The Giant Robot) and His Mighty Defenders, Robot Wars: Droids Destroy Chicargo (yes, it was spelled wrong), and Plick Turri, Agent of SWORD (Plick was not a robot, until issue four when agents of Oroboros replaced him with a robot doppelganger, which killed everyone).

Distraught, David took chemistry. Ultimately he hoped to learn the secret of batteries to prevent renegade R2 units from killing starfighter pilots. What he learned instead was that good drawing wasn’t critical to comic creation. He befriended Marc, and together, they laid out The Chemistry Notebook which became the first Power Twins tradepaperback.

It was promptly lost when David joined the Air Force.

David spent years learning everything the military would teach him about Nuclear Space Carriers, Time Travel Devices, and Droids. All of these things would aid him in failing to write science fictions novels.

Ultimately the eternal quest for money to fund his private anti-droid army caused David to leave Active Duty, and once again strike out to create comics. Joining with his long time friend, Marc Silvia, David embarked on a career in IT. Such a career left him ample time to study and write and learn to draw.

He wastes these talents on The Power Twins.

David holds a doctorate in Improvised Explosives and Eastern Philosophy. He is regarded as the world’s foremost expert on the subject of preventing R2 units from murdering their pilots, and has written the New York Times best selling book How to Prevent Your Household Robot from Going Berserk and Killing Everyone in Chicargo.