I was able to attend the Web Comics panels during the Comic Con in San Diego. The panels were interesting and the speakers were genuinely funny. Scott Kurtz of PVP was as usual entertaining.

So, I swung by his site earlier today and saw his post concerning a WIRED magazine article covering the panel. Now having actually been there I must support Scott in his comments concerning the article. The WIRED article simply fails to relay the context in which Scott told the story.

Anyway, if you are interested swing by Scott’s site and check out the article. I suspect from reading it that the writer of the article may have actually attended the panel in person, but must have been listening to the good ole I-Pod or something at the time.

For write-ups and pictures of the Web Comic panels swing by blanklabelcomics.com.

If you are a fan of the “Cosplay” or the costumes that many fans wear at the Con this site is great. Many of the photos are from the Masquerade, which is a costume competition held during the Con.