Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is yet another in the line of controversial games from RockStar. I know that no one remembers this, but the original Grand Theft Auto was a hot bed of controversy because the player partook in the criminal activity of stealing cars. The Horror!

Should GTA:SA be re-evaluated and given an AO rating because of some hidden sexual content?

It should be evaluated, like all games, for all of its content. It should then receive a rating comensurate with the evaluation of that content. If a single (fully clothed) simulated sex scene is what pushes it for re-evaluation, then it should probably receive a rating similar to another game which includes full animated toplessness and active, on-camera dry-humping scenes initiated by the player with commands like “have sex on couch.”

Playboy: The Mansion is, like GTA, rated M (for Mature). The M rating means no one under 17 without parental consent.

The ESRB Label on the back of GTA:SA

In my opinion, if you are a minor, you shouldn’t be reading this website without parental consent. But, if your parent, grandparent, step-parent, god parent, big sister, or uncle lets you, then it really isn’t the place of congress, retail outlets, local police, or anyone else, for that matter, to tell you or me otherwise.