See Ken! This is what you get for asking stupid questions: Immortality on the web! Euda, I am still trying to figure out what the hell: “Two dudes stuff” means, so you didn’t rate mention in the strip.

I did get a legitimate question that I will answer nicely here:

“Why are you reusing old artwork if you can draw?” Good question!

Answer: Because David hasn’t bought me a portable scanner yet. (I am also out and about.) I just happen to be doing less critical things.

Though being away and short on time, I am starting to understand the popularity of the saved sprite, reusable art, talking heads style strip. (Man what a time saver.) Speaking of being away I did strip 19 while I was in New Orleans staying in a hotel on Bourbon street.

That sets me up for the rest of this post, which is that I miss David. Now, now, not like that, I like my men taller. Anyway, for those of you that don’t know, I get to torment David on a daily basis. I mean it’s my most favorite activity ever. I would like to think I have perfected it to a level that only a large amount of time allows for. Twenty years of torment! Torment that could only be over shadowed by what a wife can inflict!

So don’t tell him, but I removed all the screws from his desk. Sigh, The joy! I can’t stand it! The wait is going to kill me. (I had left an old cow pattie on his chair, but Adrian called to complain that it was stinking up the office.)