Well, I worked pretty hard today trying to produce a decent looking strip for the Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon. I have always appreciated David’s skills with Photoshop and Illustrator but, David being away is actually forcing me to improve my lacking skills. I know the style of the comic must seem to drastically change. Some of that is on purpose, obviously we like the change between our art styles. But, some of the changes are the results of my experimentations with different pens, inking styles, and sizing for the comic. I imagine eventually I will pin down the look I am trying to attain. Hopefully, I will shake the rust off on my drawing skills and I will be happier with what I am producing. Though that hasn’t happened in the last twenty years, so I suspect it won’t be a quick process.

Anyway, if you can manage even a small donation for the telethon, any help in making it a success, would be greatly appreciated!

David is doing well, he is working hard repairing the communications infrastructure that was destroyed by the storm.