Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is an unfortunately titled movie. It is also not a linear film, but an anthology. It uses a magical pair of pants and coincidence of the main characters births as binding elements for four radically different and tragically similar stories. All, save one, are rather well done.

Unlike most chick-flicks about “teenage” girls, there is no eye candy. Some people might disagree with me there, but the age limit where I get the pedophilia skeeves goes up every year. The one girl who is supposed to be “hawt” is still only sixteen, and a magic pair of pants that fits four different girls doesn’t change that.

The lows of this film are very low. The highs are just not high enough to offset the lows. As a result, this obvious chick-flick left me feeling very depressed. It not only goes on my list of movies that should come with a warning label for depressives, it is also on my list of movies that if watched in a double feature with A.I. has a high probability of causing one to commit suicide.

It is a good growing-up movie. I recommend not watching it alone. Have tissues nearby (men practice your “something in my eye” excuse).