When I was reading through the old blog posts, I saw we spent a lot of time saying that this planned strip or that one would be late for various reasons.  In re-launching the site I wanted to basically not do that.

I have three story lines planned for Lisa right now, and some artwork drawn for one of them.  So the only reason for not having updates up is that there is quite a bit of work between planning a story, drawing it, and turning it into something that can be shown.  Why haven’t I done all that work?  Well, there’s the whole business about how poorly this business pays.

I have been working on getting myself on a paid/free work schedule, but was struck (literally) with a debilitating illness.  During my weekly robot fighting training sessions, I got hit in the head with a boxing glove arrow.  This knocked most of the calcium in my inner ear loose.  The result has been a rousing bout of vertigo, punctuated by singing and dancing robots.

The singing might have been thunderstorms.

So, there will be updates, but I can only really work on them when the room isn’t spinning.