Recently I’ve been watching “The Big Bang Theory.”  That is, we’re going through it from season one, through current, in order, as quickly as TBS has them on.  Some of my readers have suggested that I have a likeness to Sheldon.  While I’m flattered by the comparison to someone who is so mind bogglingly intelligent that he is rendered socially inept, I think it’s clear to people who’ve known me for any length of time that I manage social ineptitude without a causative link to intelligence.

What I found amusing was that one of the people urging me to watch this show and saying “oh my god that’s so you” was actually the person, sitting next to me, saying things like, “that doesn’t make any sense; Doctor Who is a one hour program, with commercials BBC America shows.  If he got up at six fifteen, by the time he got his cereal, he’d already have missed a third of it,” and “that’s not The Cheesecake Factory menu.”

In fairness to her, The Cheesecake Factory’s menu is a large book divided into chapters by style of food.  The restaurant Penny works at uses a simple one-sheet which the actors don’t even have to turn over to decide what they want.