If a kid with “The Sixth Sense” power didn’t keep it a secret, he’d be teased mercilessly at school.  Instead of a kindly therapist helping him cope, he learns he inherited the ability from a long line of crazy uncles, and has to use it to hold off “The Witch’s Curse” of a zombie apocalypse.  When he fails to do so, you have ParaNorman.

This is actually a fun animated movie, aimed at being a children’s film, but landing pretty well on the adult audience as well.  The central message is pretty firmly about misunderstanding children, thinking first, and acceptance of oddities.  Good lessons all the way around, though at the climax of the film it gets a little heavy handed with the message.  The journey to that point is so fun, you hardly care.

One of the things ParaNorman does nicely is reference, and poke a little fun at, “traditional” zombie and witch films.  When, for example, the dead rise from their graves and enter the sleepy town, the locals realize they’re about to be overrun by zombies so they arm themselves and start shooting the undead.

The whole thing is a misunderstanding, of course, and thus the humor of the film.

Definitely worth seeing, especially if you have nephews.