About 4 years ago (according to the file modified dates), Bioware was hiring writers to generate content for their new Massive Multiplayer Online Game, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Hoping to secure such a prestigious position, I wrote a story according to their specifications.

It had to use source material, be crafted in a particular game engine, and be short (requiring only 10 to 20 minutes to play). The interesting thing was, they weren’t looking for a scripted module. They wanted the writer to prove that s/he could tell a story entirely with dialog. They wanted a story written for the “Mass Effect Style” conversation engine.

So I sat down and worked up a little “whodunit” set in The Old Republic. It was fun and really got me wanting to work in engine. There’s a long an confounding story about how we were unable to submit the work for consideration (should anyone at Bioware see this–we’re still available for assignments).

Because it was written “in engine”, I really couldn’t show it to anyone, which was a shame because I really liked it. Last week I found my completed scripts for “Murder on Geonosis” and decided that I could re-work it to present as a short story. So, now it’s up in the Stories section for your enjoyment.