I’ll be doing an appearance at Tidewater Comicon 16-17 May 2015.

This actually puts something on us that we haven’t had to deal with for a while: a deadline.  For the first time I’ll be exhibiting as an “artist” instead of as a vendor.  Prior to the show, we have to get product ready to be promoted, displayed, and (yes) sold for actual money.

As frequent followers of Power Twins Comics know, timeliness of work product hasn’t been our strong suit.  Lately, this has been compounded by a shift in focus from traditional comic strip material to more verbose prose fiction.  Right now, we are feverishly working on “e-publishing” a novel, for example.  While it is very near to completion, we have spent a lot of time tinkering to make it “ready.”  This appearance means that this book absolutely has to be in marketplaces by the first of May… with more material waiting in the wings.

That sounds like a lot of time.  After all, we produced scripts for The Tick in a matter of days.  It really isn’t.  We had to deliver those scripts three months in advance, and they got polished by artists and editors and letterers long before the public saw them.  This is very different, because the raw text is actually the final product.

Right now, I’m not going to dwell on taking two years to get to this point with this book.

Right now, I’m going to be excited about scheduling the appearance.


I’ll panic tomorrow.