TheArmorHeist.webAs part of The Bright Future series, I’ve also written a few short stories. The first of these is “The Armor Heist.” The printed version has just been approved for distribution and is available from CreateSpace (the printer) through their direct store.  We’ve added this story to our Things to Buy page, and will update the direct sale links as it becomes available through the various channels.

You may notice that the e-Book version’s price is “Free.” That is not a mistake. The Armor Heist will be available to Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple, and Android devices free of charge. It’s part of a marketing plan to offer readers a sample of my writing, in the hope that you will enjoy it and follow the rest of the series.

The print version is $5.99 because printing costs mandate we charge for hard copies. The distributor gives us a minimum price to be available to various markets. This price is set just high enough to allow for library distribution.