An excerpt from The Incubus Gambit:

Tommy was sometimes possessed by a need to produce inane banter. Rather than continue to discuss the restaurant, he filled most of the ride with a monologue about “new car smell” and the comfort of the BMW’s passenger seat. Personally, Canbe liked the smell and attendant feeling of a new car. Professionally, she felt like it was a dead giveaway that an identity might be fabricated. Infiltrating by impersonating a fictional person required that the identity seem to have existed for years. People who bought new cars consumed their lives with that purchase for weeks. It dominated their personality. Prior to the purchase, they shopped, compared models, and weighed options. After purchase, people were enthralled with their car, learning its features, talking about its differences from their old cars, and identifying with it. To be believable, her new car would have to be part of her fictional persona.

Occasionally I write something into a story that is an observation or statement about the human condition. As you might be able to guess from the timing of this post, I just purchased a Chevrolet “Volt.” Consequently, I have completely annoyed everyone I encountered this week.