Last Sunday, I was interviewed for the Four Guys and a Comic Book Podcast. They edited it, reducing my natural stammer and overall making me sound like I knew what I was talking about. Obviously I’m promoting my segment, but if you are a fan of comics, these guys really do a good podcast. (I really have been listening to it for a few months now.)

Naturally I wanted to stay on topic about the Bright Future novels and short stories, but they got me talking about the business of writing and upcoming projects–not that it’s difficult to do.

There is one edit that seems to have dropped the words “and I have another project.” Whether that was unintelligible or my mic dropped it, the edit makes it sound like I’m still talking about Flying Pirate Ships! instead of the thing I’m tentatively calling “The Dragon.” Yes, in addition to last week’s new Lisa strip, we are working on new comic titles. Don’t get super excited; they might be a way’s off, yet, but they will happen.