So we are in beautiful San Deigo for the Con and I have already accomplished the two major tasks I had planned:
I got my PVP Skull Plushy from Scott and I actually bought an offical CON t-shirt. I hope actually buying something at the con is not bad luck for me becuse I usually make out pretty well in the swag department and get to keep all my money.

Anyway, Wednesday night is preview night so we had a chance to see a movie during the day after setting up the booth. Of course F4 wasn’t showing, so we went to see Batman Begins.

SPOILER WARNING: (Though if you haven’t seen it by now you deserve to have it spoiled.) (Yes, yes I did just see it my self.)

1. The most disappointing part was when Tom “The Wacko” Cruise’s new GF of the moment asks the Bat who he is. The response should have been: “I’m Batman.”

2. Caltrops or a spike strip would have been sufficient for the police chase..or hell turn and leave the stealth on.

3. And I guess that city gets a real heavy snow fall because those buildings had some very strong roof tops.

Anyway, other than those and a few other similar minor issues, I rather enjoyed the film. The origin story was much better than Batman, which is why the Micheal Keaton Batman movie sucked, and Batman Begins was pretty good.

So I didn’t really have a chance to take a lot of pictures yet, but I did swing by the lego booth. The full size replicas of Vader and Chewy were awesome. What was super cool was the wanna be Star Destroyer from EP3 they had, damn that thing was sweet!

Well, I wanted to post lego vader but it needs serious work in photoshop; black legos, on laptop screen, and the camera flash..anyway we will be doing a real con post so here is a just a few pics.

You don’t know the POWER of the PLUSHIE!

And lego chewy, yes it’s big, that is some doods butt.