Watched Constantine last night while inking Cowboys. This was an underrated film. I gotta admit I had, and still have, my doubts about Ted, Theodore, Logan as the Hellblazer. But Keanu has one talent, and it seems to be picking scripts to star in.

Once upon a time I read the comic on a regular basis, having been convinced to start by a friend’s description of the story Dangerous Habits. I rather liked how the film blended several storylines together, and in a way that a movie audience can understand. It does, however, make a few assumptions of the audience. That’s not a bad thing, but I did find myself explaining and figuring out things that a normal Hollywood piece would have pounded into the audience.

I really liked some of the special effects, and Lucifer—whose name means “Beautiful Bringer of Light”—being dressed all in white and key lighted was good indication of how thoughtful the special effects were.

Keanu managed to get by without his trademark “Whoa!” And that’s a good thing, I can suffer Hellblazer being set in LA, I don’t think I could handle John Constantine as a surfer.

Rachel Weisz has a thing for wet, white shirts, but she’s always wearing something black under them. Darn.