So I am tooling around the webcomics world and I tripped over what I can only assume is random chance. “Dumb F****** Luck” immediately dropped from my mouth, and we promptly posted Mondays strip. Brandon Lewis (Whom I met at the Jetix panel at the CON) has a very funny site Mousewax. Apparently, last week he ran an arc that culminates with one of the Penny Arcade guys head being torn off. Great minds think alike I guess. Though, his arc seems more of a swipe at them, as apposed to our gratuitous sucking up.

And while I am sucking up:

I would also like to send out a “Howdy” to Themonkeycabal, for blogging my antics at one of the Sci-Fi panels. (Great Con pictures of the panel on the next entry.)

And another, “Howdy” to Kristofer Straub, who does Checkerboard Nightmare and Starshift Crisis. For some reason Kris didn’t believe I read his site, and was nice enough to mention my attempt to “con” him in his blog.