Lego Star Wars rocks! With pantomime cutscenes, no vocals, and blocky acting (pun intended) I almost forgot I wasn’t watching the actual film versions of Episodes 1-3. I dare say that if they did release DVDs of the lego actors doing these films I would buy them, and spend the whole night laughing.

The game play is good too. I especially like the simplified method for Jedi blocking and returning blaster fire. Hit the square button (on PS2) when the bolt is coming in, like you were hitting a baseball. Yes, square is also how you attack, so if you are swinging away with your saber in a total melee mess, you will strike your enemies and deflect their bolts without having to remember a complicated series of button presses. It is designed to be played by kids after all.

And this movie I stumbled over while looking for the official game link, is great too. I Dark Side of the Mooned it, though. I had the Flash Gordon soundtrack playing while watching the Lego movie with the sound off the first time. The battle theme and wedding march synched up almost perfectly adding quite a bit of humor to the experience… maybe that’ll help with Episode III.