As part of launching the site again, I’ve been re-reading a lot of old work; the pretty good the pretty bad and the very ugly.  Stick Spike and Stick PK jump out in that last category of course.  Not connected with the site, I received a package recently from one of my (several) parents.  It contained about six weeks’ worth of a daily comic strip I drew and co-wrote in 1993.

Beacon Hill Blues” was a political comic strip about three roommates and their pet bird living in a rent controlled condo in Cambridge Massachusetts.  Looking at it now makes me cringe.  It used the names of local politicians, literally none of whom are still in office.  It was a black and white strip that I colored so that it would be grey-shaded on a photocopier.  I used colored markers, and you can clearly see the bleed lines of each stroke. 

It was the first comic I did that was lettered on a computer.  Typeset in Times New Roman, I printed the lettering with a dot matrix printer, drew word balloons, cut them out, and taped them to the colored art.