Well, sorta.  If you’re reading this, you know we actually went live in 2005, then again last month for what they called a “soft opening” in Oceans 13.

This is the first “new” strip for people who only got the first round of previews for Lisa.  For people who got the second round of previews, this is the last of the preview strips.

This sort of reminds me of when we wrote The Tick’s Big Yule Log Special 1999.  It was solicited September for Christmas 1998, but shipped to arrive January 1999, so we could have the cool “1999” for the issue number, all the while, we were writing it in August.  I think I saw in Diamond Previews this month that that book is part of a re-issue of a re-print of Tick specials… By the way our editorial for one of The Tick Specials collections is over in Essays under “Arachnida.”