I know it doesn’t show, yet, but Lisa is not going to be a traditional D&D comedy adventure story.  Lisa, herself, has a long history as a developing character, and my effort to make her into a comic character has gone through similar gyrations.

Lisa, for those that don’t know, is a warrior priestess of the god of war.  But in her first incarnation, she was going to be a gladiator.  Then warrior-rogue assassin whose trademark was a collection of earrings such that she might never wear the same pair twice.

In addition to being a D&D character, I’ve used her to model my choices in certain video games.  Among them is Dungeons and Dragons Online.  There, we used to play in a regular party (yes I know that half my readership right now knows this).  What they might not know is that I was considering doing the second Lisa comic series as an adventure comedy with that party of misadventurers.

So, the first samples from the Lisa Notebook are the sample “strips” from DDO Dance Party Adventures.