You’re going to a private event with some close friends.  When you get to the dining room, the door opens to reveal the man who wants you dead sitting at the head of the table.

You’ve been betrayed!

Do you:

A. Stand in shock as your betrayer explains his plot and why you are powerless to stop it, because he set off the super bomb that makes it look like Dr. Manhattan attacked New York, while you were busy flying to his castle in Antarctica.

B. Turn to run and warn others, accidentally uttering the name of the guy carrying your plan to defeat evil.  Only to have the door slammed shut, before you get tossed around like a rag doll and imprisoned on top of Orthanc for a few months.

C. Accept the inevitability of death, and stand there while your former mafia associate shoots you in the face for killing Billy Batts, instead of making you a made man.  Your last words being, “Aw no.”

D. Without hesitation, draw your blaster and start firing at the villain.  Even though Darth Vader is immune, you continue shooting, scoring hits with every shot, until he uses the force to take your gun away from you.

George Lucas honestly expects me to believe that it is even within the realm of possibility that Greedo got a shot off?  First?  At the same time?

No, I’m afraid that I don’t buy it, not even as a result of post mortem muscle twitch!

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