My console gaming platform is an XBox 360.  (I also own a Wii, but it’s not hooked up right now.)  I adore, the Lego series of games.  I’ve written positive reviews of Lego Star Wars.  Some of the Lego games are better than others, but they are all pretty fun.

I finished “Story Mode” for all the levels in Lego Batman over a year ago, but didn’t bother with “Free Play” for a lot of them.  Lately I’ve been playing Arkham City, and decided to return to Lego Games with Lego Batman 2: DC Heroes.  In this one, the focus is larger than the Batman family and includes Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and others as playable characters in free play. They even included Aquaman, who is specifically needed to get some of the mini-kits. The game is feature rich with flying vehicles (and characters), boats, and drive-able cars through the streets and bridges of an open world Gotham City.

I don’t know that this was my favorite Lego game, and had some reservations about being the first Lego video game where the characters speak English (instead of just grunting).  The voice acting really helped tell the story of Lex Luthor’s bid for the White House.

But when wondering whether or not I liked the game enough to recommend it, I realized that this game holds a peculiar distinction with me.  It is the first Lego game for which I have a 100% completion rating.  This means that I unlocked everything that is unlockable–have every character, every vehicle, every in game add on, and completed every level at least twice.

Achievements in XBox are like bonus score that gets tagged on your user account, and can be seen by friends who browse your profile. This game is also the first XBox game for which I have gotten every available achievement.  That includes games I played for hundreds of hours like Mass Effect, Skyrim, and Red Dead Redemption.  It’s not that the Achievements are particularly difficult to get individually, it’s just that for no other game have I looked and said, “wow I’m only missing four achievements, I’ll do a play session right now to ride a Gorilla to the top of Wayne Tower while playing as Lois Lane for 20 Gamer Score.”