Okay, I confess, I don’t remember the names of any of the slue of mages Lisa has traveled with over the years. (Except for Greywolf, but that is another story.)

One thing they seemed to have in common is using Lisa as a targeting point for their area effect spells… something to do with saving throws and friendly vs. unfriendly targets.  In one party she was even referred to as the “moderately smart bomb.”

In DDO, “Spellboy” was whoever was trying out a mage/wizard/sorcerer that day.  In D&D, one mage in particular springs to mind, though he never traveled with Lisa.  He had the words “Magic Man” tatooed on his forhead (after a night of spending his reward on ale and whores).  I think he had a matching “tramp stamp” which actually read “I’m a magic man, a magic man!” in elvish.