So I’m riding along just past Gap Tooth Ridge, bareback on a horse I just broke.  I’d got a bit of a map from an old drunk a while back, and so, yeah, I’m hunting for treasure.

There’s an abandoned shell of a town out that way named, “Tumbleweed.”  Like everything abandoned in the dying west, the criminal gangs like to use it as a hide out.  Of course everyone knows that, so I don’t know that it’s as much a “hide out” as a “hang out.”

When I hear a sheriff shouting from a banged up place in the middle of town, I’m not terribly surprised.  “Let me out of here, or they’re’ll be real trouble,” and the like tells me all I need to know about the situation; sheriff tied up, gang fixin’ to make his life even more unpleasant, an’ me with a bag full of rifle rounds.

Now, due to my extensive experience with saving people and numerous interactions with law enforcement around New Austin, you might assume I walked in and just offered to shoot the man in the face to save time.  That ain’t quite how it went down.

Turns out there was more of the Walton boys than I thought, and a proper running battle ensued.  The sheriff perks up when I finally bust in, “cut me lose and I’ll help you finish these boys!”

“All right,” I untie him.  I look and see a bunch more of the Walton boys up in the big house on the hill and realize that we still have a fight ahead of us.  “They’re dug in pretty good up there,” I remark as I reload my Winchester repeater.  “We ought to–” I stop when I see the sheriff running right up the path, six gun in hand, blasting away at the riflemen standing on the porch. 

“Aw hell.”

I lean out the window and start firing away.  I knock one of ’em down, then another, and a third.  The sheriff got almost two thirds of the way to the stone wall around the front yard.  I did manage to put a bullet through the eyebrow of one of the three guys who were hiding behind the wall.  The other two, well…

“The sheriff has died.”

Of stupidity.

Oh, sure, I cleaned out the rest of the house, and turned the basement into an oven with a couple of buckets of lantern oil and a spark.  Have to maintain the reputation after all.