So I’m riding through the desert hunting coyotes for my marksmanship badge.  As all good frontiersmen I had been practicing my field skills and felt the need to switch from ropin’ to skinnin’ for a spell.

Suddenly I see a little pack of the varmints chewing on something dead.  So, to get a steadier perch, I hop down off my horse and steady against a rock.  They musta caught wind of me because they start prowling my way.

Rather than give them the opportunity, I draw my readied weapon, aim, and … Throw a loop of rope around the closest one.

Now there have been, over the years, a few things I’d like to see on the end of a rope, and a few people I’d like to see on the other.  I must say, a coyote and me is not one of the combinations I’d ever thought of as a good idea.  I can say with some confidence that the coyote felt the same way about the situation.

It is very difficult to draw a pistol when you suddenly find yourself tied to a coyote.  It is, surprisingly, more difficult to aim at, and hit, that same coyote.  Of course the chewing might contributed.

Fortunately, Sam Colt saw fit to make a 6 chamber cylinder.  I don’t know what happened to the other two coyotes.  And by that I do mean whether they got hit by randomly flung bullets, or laughed themselves to death at the tied up horseman with a pissed off coyote down his pants.