So I’m riding solo south of Pike’s Basin for a spell, while A. J. lays low blending in with “his people.”  I got on to a brand new hide out the Bollard Brothers’ Gang was using to smuggle some kinda new weapons to the Rebeldes.  I figure it’s as good a time as any to check it out and see if it’s a place we can hit later.

As you mighta worked out, it’s getting to where we have to hit these gangs hard and often just to keep the Marshals from lengthening our necks more than we’d like.  So, a new hide out, and a new weapon is exactly the sort of thing that draws me in.

Now, as I’m scouting the farmhouse overlooking the Rio Bravo, I can’t say I’m completely certain that that one guy actually saw me, or if he was just on his way to take a piss.  What I can say for certain is that he didn’t survive a .30 calibre bullet parting his eyes down the middle.  Naturally, a gunfight ‘tween me and his dozen or so compatriots ensued.

When it’s all done, I’m walking around to see if I can figure out what they’re floating across the river from this place. Sure enough, there’s a long box in the middle of the corral.  Big corral, no horses, should’a been a clue.  I walk up to the box, and it’s clearly marked: “EXPLOSIVE RIFLE.”

There is, by my reckoning, nothing about that label that makes me want to place such a device against my cheek and squeeze the trigger.  Point of fact I’m beginning to wonder about the Bollards’ motives in this whole thing.

Turns out it’s some kind of explosive throwing rifle.  MUCH more useful.

And it’s a whole lot fun to shoot, too.