Sure Ike can win a war. Heck I even trust him to drop a couple of EZ NukesTM. But seriously, his best redeming feature is his barbeque? Is that really what we should have in a President?

Besides, Huffman is all about keeping the Furons under wraps. People really shouldn’t be aware of the vanguard of an invading alien race.

If you are crossing your eyes about now, then you probably haven’t played Destroy All Humans.

Another game from Pandemic (Mercenaries: Playgound of Destruction and Star Wars: Battlefront). They really got this right. If you like being the bad guy in a Mars Attacks, fifties style flying saucer special, then this is the game for you.

I especially like the Zap-O-Matic.

If only I had one, you know in my desk at work.