So this week was a little late, harkening back to the wild days of 2005, when every other entry was a post about how we were delayed by this, that, or other laziness.  There are two reasons for this being late, well, three if you include being lazy enough to blow a nine week lead.

The first is, that The Wonderful World of Whitney is a new title for us, and it has attendant development which had to be accomplished.  The art style was developed specifically for this title.  I call it “pillbody” art, and it is a digestion of what I learned from the dozens of How to Draw: Cartoons books my parents bought me when I was younger (like 25).  You might notice that it is in full color, where Lisa and The Power Twins are grey shaded.  If you didn’t notice, you might want to go ahead and shell out for one of those new RGB monitors, they’ve really come down in price in the last twenty five years.

The second is I’m legitimately trying to finish writing a novel by the end of November.  I’m behind, but excited about it, and trying to contain my self promotion of it until the first draft is done.  So, more on that later.

The Wonderful World of Whitney is a comic strip written by one of our associates, “Whitney.”  The strip is excerpted and based on real conversations she’s had with other people.  There is some fictionalization to protect the guilty, and no one truly looks like their pillbody.  So don’t bother suing.  Like running from anything immortal, you’ll only attract attention to yourself.

We have a few of these drawn and scanned right now, so it should be this for at least a few weeks.